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Eco-Green Supplier Diversity Group Aims to Provide the Superior Quality Products & Services that have made us a Leader in Corporate Branding, Unique Products, PPE Products, Marketing Collateral, Eco-Friendly Products & Services for Corporations and Individuals in North and South America, the Caribbean and around the World for the past 25 Years. 


We are headquartered in South Florida, and have had  our Own Local Manufacturing & Distribution Facilities here, as well as in Asia and Latin America since 1995.

These Corporations Trust in Us

Family Owned & Operated

Family means everything to us, and helping others means everything to our family. We're a proud family owned and operated business.

WholeSale Prices No Price Gouging

We hate seeing products that help save lives in a time of need being marked up. We're committed to affordable and competitive prices for our products.

Contact Us

Phone: (561) 450-6062

After Hours: (561) 613-3872
Fax: (561) 450-6183

E-mail: Glenn@ecogreensupplier.com

Honesty & Transparency

We heard about scams. We heard about purchases never arriving. We see the price gouging. It is our promise to be honest and transparent with you every step of the way. We have nothing to hide in our PPE distribution.

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