Go Green! Try Something Different With Eco-Promos

May 1, 2013

By Matthew Daniel Siesser


We see it in the news, we read it in the papers. Ecological issues are becoming a concern for just about everybody, and businesses are no different. Businesses across the world are realizing the benefits of implementing environmentally-conscious technologies into their operations. Beyond obviously limiting the impact on our environment, companies are seeing better relations with their customers and even cost advantages in some cases.


The promotional marketing arena is the latest business area to see its share of “green” growth with a boom in eco-friendly promotional products from industry leaders. This trend is quickly gathering steam, and according to industry predictions, will be less of a trend, and more the norm in the near future. Traditionally, only environmental groups requested eco-friendly promos, but now most larger organizations like Volkswagen, Starbucks, and Apple utilize them in some form or another.


Some organizations are now making it a requirement that a significant potion of their promos be ecologically friendly. There have even been recent reports in which environmentally-conscious companies are actually returning brochures that are not printed on recycled paper in an effort to promote green ideas across the industry.


Eco-Friendly promotions come in many different shapes, sizes and materialsMany organizations have an interest in raising awareness of ecological concerns, and eco-friendly promotional items are a great way to do it. However, the waters of ecological or green marketing are largely untested, since it is a relatively new concept. There have been, as of yet, very limited industry-wide investigations as to the actual cost/benefit ratio of utilizing green marketing techniques, leaving the quantifiable benefits a somewhat intangible at this point for most.


Certain organizations, however, have been able to utilize these techniques to great success, and there a few things you need to consider before going green with your next promotional marketing campaign:Will my audience place value on the fact that my products are green? Will it be apparent that my program is green-oriented, or will I have to invest in additional education? Does the fact that my promotion is green add value to my brand (or how do environmental issues relate to my brand?).


Depending on the type of promotional products you are ordering, green items can sometimes carry a higher premium. Some items, such as shoulder bags and notepads have very little price difference, while others, like some polos, can vary significantly. Just make sure to talk to a promotional products specialist in the initial planning stages of a promotional marketing campaign with a green theme to understand which types of eco-promos will be most friendly to your budget.


There are many options available, and your representative can help you find competitively priced items for your promotions. Eco-Green Supplier can help you to consider the benefits of eco-marketing for your organization, as well as line up a selection of green promos for your next promotion. To learn more on how you can go green, contact Eco-Green Supplier TODAY!

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Go Green! Try Something Different With Eco-Promos

May 1, 2013

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