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With Logistics Offices in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and USA,  Over the Years We’ve Cemented Bonds and  ALLIANCES; as well as SPECIAL PRICING WITH Industry Giants Fedex, DHL, UPS  and AmeriJet as well as Large Global Freight Forwarders for Special Pricing as well as Just in Time Deliveries.


For more conventional overseas and larger shipments, our longstanding partnership ECU Worldwide Logistics and AGL Freight Forwarders in Miami. Both have  decades of experience serving the region, shipping Daily to Dozens of Countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. This enables us to provide our Clients with an unmatched levels of comfort and confidence that their cargo will always arrive on time, intact as needed.


Whether you need your goods in 4 Months or 24 Hours – Our Logistics Team Will Do it’s Best to Deliver to Meet Your Deadline and Expectations. Call for Details.

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